Kathy J. Caldwell, P.E.
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Endorsements & Testimony

Here is some additional information regarding my candidacy for ASCE President-Elect:

ASCE Endorsements:

Structural Engineering Institute

Region 5 Board of Governors

Florida Section

Gainesville Branch
Ridge Branch
West Coast Branch
Jacksonville Branch
Miami-Dade Branch
East Central Branch
Palm Beach Branch

Theresa Harrison, Governor, Region 4

Sandra Knight, Governor, Region 4

William Grogan, Governor, Region 5

Jose Acosta, Governor, Region 5

Jorge Jaramillo, Governor, Region 5

Keith Butts, Governor, Region 5

Jack Furlong, Governor, Region 6

Tony Akel, Governor, Region 9

Jennifer Epp, Governor, Region 9

Stan Caldwell, Past-Director, Texas
Karl Longley, Past-Director, California
Douglas Taylor, California

Lou Aurigemma, Past-Vice President, Zone II

Karl Longley, Past-Director, California

Stan Caldwell, Past-Director, Texas

Mike Wenning, Past-Director, Indiana

Paul Moyer, Past-Director, Massachusetts

Mark Stemmer, Past-Director, Ohio

Gene Balter, Past-Director, District 10; Director, Construction Institute

Douglas Taylor, California

Larry Smith, California

Bob Edmunds, President, Jones Edmunds & Associates, Inc.

Andy Cummings

Rick Ferreira, Chief Operating Officer, Jones Edmunds & Associates, Inc.

Peter Moore

Satya Lory, President, Florida Section

Bruce Lawson

Stuart Moring

Tony Fagan, Georgia


Ronald A. Cook, PhD, University of Florida

John E. “Jack” Breen, PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Neil Hawkins, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Richard Bennett, PhD, University of Tennessee

Quotes and Testimonials:

"You have been a great friend and role model for numerous years. Your enthusiasm and love of the engineering profession have been evident to me since we first met during our college days. You have continued to succeed and exceed within the profession and ASCE. You have established a presence as a leader, mentor, visionary and volunteer. Your dedication and  innovativeness will be an enormous asset to ASCE as you serve as the leader of our Society."

Sandra Knight

Governor, Region 4

"The future of the engineering profession is going to be challenging, many of our ASCE members are feeling the effects of the recession both personally and professionally. I think that as a Society, we need a leader that can both see the big picture, as well as relate to members on an individual level. Someone who is not afraid to do the right thing, even when it is difficult or unpopular.

I believe Kathy Caldwell is that leader that ASCE has been looking for, and that's why I will be voting for Kathy Caldwell for President Elect of ASCE on June 15th!"

Crystal Markley
President-Elect, Florida Section

"I have had the pleasure of serving with Kathy Caldwell on the ASCE Executive Committee, Board of Direction, and Strategic Planning Committee.  Based on this experience, I know that she will be a terrific ASCE President.  Four traits stand out:

(1) Values – She consistently does the right thing, even if it occasionally goes against the grain.

(2) Leadership – She listens, thinks, and then speaks … in that order.

(3) Passion – If anyone has ever had more ASCE blood in their veins, I have yet to meet them.

(4) Fun – She makes even the most tedious ASCE service enjoyable for everyone around her.

I therefore believe that Kathy Caldwell will be an excellent steward of ASCE over the next three years.  I have formally endorsed her candidacy.  So has ASCE's Structural Engineering Institute (SEI).  You might also be interested to know that Kathy is a structural engineer!

DISCLAIMER: While Kathy and I share the same excellent surname, we are related only by friendship and have never worked for the same employer."

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., SECB, F.ASCE
ASCE Executive Committee, 11/07-11/08
ASCE Board of Direction, 10/05-11/08
Chair, ASCE Technical Region, 10/05-11/08

"Kathy works harder and accomplishes more for ASCE than any other person whom I know --I state that without reservation.  Among her many committee assignments have been the chair of the Strategic Planning Committee.  Furthermore, she represents ASCE well...I strongly believe that Kathy has a stronger grip on where ASCE is today and where it should go in the future."   - Karl Longley, Past Region 9 Director, Class of 2008

" I also want to wish you all the best in the pursuit of the Presidency.  It is apparent to me that you would be an excellent leader for the Society."  - Tom Chapel, Region 7 Governor

"There are many members of the West Coast Branch that are very excited that you chose to run for the Society's highest position.  Your passion and commitment to ASCE and the Civil Engineering profession are admirable." - Dane Hanson, President, West Coast Branch

"Members of our Branch have enjoyed working with you for the betterment of our profession through the American Society of Civil Engineers.  We know that your commitment and passion will be a great asset to the Society." - Dawn Gallagher, President, Ridge Branch


Here is the ASCE Board of Directors Class of 2008 - serving with these folks was one of the best experiences of my career.  Ask me about our tatoos!

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